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We are absolutely thrilled with our patio, walkways, and driveway! Mike Oldreive and his crew did an amazing job of designing and constructing a superb compliment to our home. From the initial consultations, through the building process, to the completed project, Mike ensured our trust, invited and addressed our inquiries, valued our input, and maintained consistent communication.

He was professional, reliable, honest, and personable. He works hard but clearly loves what he does and freely shares his vision and his joy with each step along the way. He maintains a talented and capable team; sometimes working alongside them or trusting them to handle certain aspects of the task independently. He adhered as closely as possible to promised timelines and provided updates when weather or other factors beyond his control interrupted the schedule.

Since the completion of our project, he has stood behind his workmanship by addressing minor repairs required as a result of natural settling and shifting. He has willingly made small adjustments to improve our experience of the design as we’ve begun to utilize the space. We have and will continue to endorse Mike Oldreive as a highly skilled landscaper and business owner.

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